Herbert Frimpong

I'm an experienced graphic and visual designer with a decade of professional expertise. I believe in fostering creativity through meticulous research and exploration.

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These projects showcases the journey of transforming an idea or concept into a tangible, marketable product. Beginning with initial sketches, it progresses through various stages of development until reaching a polished finished product ready for the market. This step-by-step process provides insights into the intentional crafting and design behind the product, ensuring it meets both consumer needs and business objectives before it reaches store shelves.

Q for Queens

R for Radiant

S for Structures

T for Tucci Bakes

U for Urgent

V for Vigor

W for Wicks Candles

X for XO Flowers

Y for Yen Wine

Z for Zebra


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I excel in a diverse array of creative disciplines, including digital media, motion graphics, branding, identity design, illustration, interface design, and user experience design. My expertise spans across these areas, allowing me to deliver innovative solutions that seamlessly blend creativity with functionality.

Send me an email at herbiefrimpong@gmail.com